Mantra Monday: A choose your own adventure

Speak the words

These last few days of the year are typically loaded for me. I tend to feel haunted by everything left undone while full of hope and dreams for the new year. The feelings are less intense this year which I owe to regular energy clearings, a continuously shifting mindset and an ever deepening trust that I am exactly where I need to be. As I move through these next days, knowing that I can’t wrap up the year in a tidy bow and that 12:01 am January 1st doesn’t really change anything, I am picking and choosing the mantras that feel most helpful. I’m wondering what you most need right now too.

Maybe you need to remind yourself that it’s okay to press pause and ask yourself what you want, letting everyone else take care of themselves for a while.

Maybe you need permission to do what’s most fun, or a reminder to look for the magic or make one more brave move before the year is done.

Or maybe all you need is to slow down, breathe and remember that you are (always) enough.

However you choose to spend this week, I’m sending you love and reminding you that I’m here if you have a story to share, a stuck spot to unstick or need a soft place for your tears or your joy to land.

May the new year bring you what you need most.

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