This is an invitation to your magical life

An invitation to stop dreading the alarm, or the job, or the family conflicts and wake with anticipation, knowing there will be moments of grace, beauty and joy in your day.

An invitation to stop feeling alone in your relationships and connect deeply with yourself, your dear ones and a loving force that is always present and accessible in your life.

An invitation to stop feeling like life is passing you by and take consistent steps toward your dreams and desires.

An invitation to stop working so hard to get it right and trust that you are seen, valued and loved for being who you are (imperfections & mistakes included).

Are you ready to say yes to…

magical sunrise with tree

Your magical life is within reach…

Even if you have no idea what makes you happy or how the hell to go with the flow.

Even if that voice in your head keeps telling you you’re too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too smart, too dumb, too pretty, not pretty enough, too emotional, too needy, too loud, too disorganized, too shy or just not good enough.

Even if you’ve never heard your intuition guide you (or maybe that once), and you’re pretty sure your spirit guides left you for somebody who actually has their shit together.

Or maybe you’re on the right path but you want to be further along. You’re mostly happy with your life and who you are, except for those days when you crawl back under the covers and beat yourself up. You wish you could just be happy with what you have but you can’t stop longing for more.

Wherever you are, that’s where we start.

Because the magic is there already. (I can help you find it.)

Because you are a wonder. A miracle made of dust and DNA, love and longing, hope and tears and tenacity. (I can help you believe it.) 

Because you are meant to shine.

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Are you ready? 


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