I Believe…

I believe in love,

I believe in magic,

I believe in the beauty & resilience of the human spirit.



I think we are all here to make messes and clean them up. I’m interested in our inter-connectedness, our similarities and differences, and the ways we show up. I believe in the freedom we have to choose and the importance of taking responsibility. I believe in our inherent worth. I believe there are gifts in the darkest moments and that we are all deserving of joy.  I believe in accepting our ugly bits, our angry parts and our own lack of grace. I believe that as each of us steps more fully into our own power, and lives in greater alignment with our deepest desires, we open the door to the empowerment of others.

More details if you want ’em…

In my past I’ve worked as a dancer and actress, a Pilates instructor and a spokesperson for Porsche. I’ve tended bar, waited tables, scooped ice cream and sold clothes. I’ve taught kids to dance and choreographed high school musicals. Along the way I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and a Master’s degree in clinical psychology with a specialization in applied community psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles. I’ve trained as a grief specialist, a Reiki Master and in different forms of intuitive energy work. I speak Canadian, American and French.

I’m madly in love with my husband and daughter. I miss my son every day.  After a decade in the intense energy of Los Angeles, I now live and write by the ocean in Ventura, California.

I live for heart-centered connection.

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