2 Women, 2 Non-Profits, 2 Messages of Change & Hope with Sonya Passi and Christa Gallopoulos

Have you found your passion? Do you feel like you make a difference? Do you know what sets you on fire and lights you up inside?

Each of us yearns to be useful, important, and relevant. We all have a unique spark—a gift to share with the world. Your gift can be shared in your circle of family and friends, or on a world stage. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. What matters is how YOU feel. My two guests for this episode have each found their spark, their gift, and their purpose—and I’m delighted to introduce them to you. I ask that you do more than listen with your ears; I ask that you listen with your heart. Listen for inspiration, for motivation, for those quiet inner whispers guiding you on your own personal journey.

Sonya Passi is filling a gap in the world for survivors of domestic violence. She is the founder and CEO of Free From, a nonprofit whose mission is to make safety affordable for ALL survivors of domestic violence. Free From has been called “a groundbreaking and transformative approach to a nationwide epidemic.”

Christa Gallopoulos is a writer, photographer, painter, mentor, coach, and founder of the Silethokuhle Foundation in South Africa. She followed her heart from the US to the KwaZulu-Natal region and the community of Ngwenya, located in NE South Africa. Listen as she shares the beautiful unfolding of her dream.

Hold on to your seats and prepare for a BIG dose of inspiration as you listen to these two amazing women share what it means to be fully committed to your passion!

What you’ll hear from Sonya:

  • How her journey has unfolded, with a long involvement in the world of domestic violence
  • How she merged her law degree and financial experience to create a nonprofit
  • Three Foundational Strategies of Free From: legal services, policy reform, and entrepreneurship
  • Domestic violence costs in the US: $8.3 billion annually!
  • The abuser should pay!
  • It’s a crisis epidemic, with ONE in FOUR women affected!
  • The need: emergency relief to long-term stability
  • Get safe and stay safe—but how long does it take?
  • Statute of limitations: Why they differ in each state
  • Survival skills translate to business success
  • The 12-month plan for survivors to become entrepreneurs
  • 500Founders campaign to fund training programs—YOU can help!
  • The HUGE reward from magically aligning purpose, passion, and skills!

What you’ll hear from Christa:

  • Why Christa left “the dream life” in Washington, DC for South Africa
  • A lifelong obsession with Africa
  • The community she loves and serves
  • The Silindokuhle Preschool—opening NOW!
  • The need to learn English and computer skills
  • The Foundation’s goals: preserving Zulu culture and teaching necessary skills
  • Those who help share the dream with Christa: Sanele and Crystal (update: Michele is no longer with the foundation)
  • Christa’s big dream? Building an eco-friendly lodge on Ghost Mountain to be a training facility with profits for the community (You can help and share the dream!)




Find Christa on Facebook and Instagram (@ChristaCreates).

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