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2 Women, 2 Non-Profits, 2 Messages of Change & Hope with Sonya Passi and Christa Gallopoulos

Have you found your passion? Do you feel like you make a difference? Do you know what sets you on fire and lights you up inside?

Each of us yearns to be useful, important, and relevant. We all have a unique spark—a gift to share with the world. Your gift can be shared in your circle of family and friends, or on a world stage. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. What matters is how YOU feel. My two guests for this episode have each found their spark, their gift, and their purpose—and I’m delighted to introduce them to you. I ask that you do more than listen with your ears; I ask that you listen with your heart. Listen for inspiration, for motivation, for those quiet inner whispers guiding you on your own personal journey. Continue reading

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