Fresh Start



You know how amazing it feels to dive into cool, clear water on a hot summer day? How in one quick moment you wash away that uncomfortable stickiness and come up feeling brand new?

That’s what a Fresh Start Session can do for your soul.

Together we hold hands and dive down to uncover what’s keeping you stuck, or in pain, or feeling blue. By the time we resurface you have a new way of looking at this part of your life along with actionable steps to move forward with.

We finish things off with a full personal energy clearing, a powerful tool that helps release what’s no longer serving you and make space for Life to flow more easily.

shifting emotions + thoughts + energy = magic

Like that dive into the pool. Cleansing. Refreshing. Purifying.

Here’s the thing. We are meant to feel safe, loved and fulfilled but we get in our own way all the time. I don’t know what will happen when we clear your energy because I can’t see your big picture. No one can. But when we start removing the unconscious blocks, it can feel like a mini miracle.




 I know you know this, but you are completely legit. Things that have been stagnant for years are moving and shaking and going forward. IMG_2316THANK YOU (times infinity).
~ Rebecca Vine, singer/songwriter



The Details:

* a 30-minute call via phone (make sure you have a journal handy to take notes)
* a minimum of two actions you can take to keep you moving in your desired direction after the call
* a full personal energy clearing within 72 hours of our call (excluding Sundays)
* a recording of my notes from the energy clearing
* a month of follow up support via email or text, as necessary

The Cost: $200

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 mini miracle


My first clearing was around my struggles with my toxic family. It was amazing! For about 3 weeks I felt the lightest and easiest I’ve ever felt in my whole life. And even after the initial glow
wore off a bit, lots of things were still just simpler, less work, less painful, etc. It doesn’t take problems away, but for me it has made it 
easier to work through them.Jenn

~ Jenn Cole, Jenn Cole Design



Questions You Might Have:

Q: What is “energy clearing”?

There are many different modalities for energy work. This particular method involves removing energetic blocks that have built up due to repeated thought patterns, behaviors, past trauma etc. Basically anything that is no longer serving you and is getting in the way of Life’s positive flow. I often get intuitive information about what is being released that I then share with you.

Sometimes people feel an immediate change or relief. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to see the full effects and requires some active release work on your part. Life will show you the way. Universal energy is always working to move you toward your highest good, though sometimes we have to let go of our preconceived ideas of what that looks like.

Q: Is a 30 minute call long enough to get any real work done?

Yes absolutely! One of my superpowers is quickly zeroing in on what’s happening under the surface. We can accomplish a lot in 30 minutes.

Q: Do I have to have a specific issue or question?

No, although it’s fine if you do. If you’re feeling stuck, sad, blah or confused, this is a powerful way to shake things up and see yourself and your world with fresh eyes.

Q: What if I want more than one energy clearing?

Great! We can talk about what seems most appropriate for you. I can clear relationships, situations, karma, ancestral issues, specific issues (such as your relationship with food or money) and more. Some of these are perfect to do individually after your Fresh Start session and some I only do when working with a client over several months.

Q: What kind of guarantee do you offer?

It’s impossible to know exactly what results will come from energy clearing. Sometimes changes are immediate but it takes time to see the full effects. I believe in this work with my heart and soul. I know how powerful it is, both from personal experience and from seeing the changes in my clients’ lives. If you are truly unhappy with your experience and see no positive change in your life within one month after the clearing, I will offer an additional energy clearing at no extra charge. 


I’m writing this a month later and the effects are still with me – I’m not exaggerating when I say Pace Smith photothat this was life-changing for me, Alana. Life-changing. You have a true gift. Please, please, please share it with the world.
~ Pace Smith of


Are you ready to dive into your Fresh Start?

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My experience with Alana has been so warm, grounded, attuned, beautiful and professional. I am blessed and grateful for each clearing she has done. I believe it is a positive and helpful tool to assist with practices already in place in continuing to move through, work through, expand and grow. Having an energy clearing with Alana is impactful both in images that resonate on a deep level and there is a subtle but literal shift that allows the flow of intention to be where is wasn’t able to be before.
Lori Landry~ Lori Landry, Artist, Yoga Teacher & Expressive Arts Therapist,