This week on the podcast: Crystals & Ritual with Athena Perrakis of Sage Goddess

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For years I was drawn to the beauty and energy of gemstones and minerals but was never quite sure what to DO with them.

I remember taking myself away for a night alone after Benjamin was stillborn, deep in my grief, and sitting on a little bed in an tiny cabin holding different crystals to see what – if anything – I could sense from them. I remember being amazed at what came. The energy of each stone felt so different and I intuitively knew how to use them. It was the beginning of a love affair.

Since then I’ve acquired a collection of stones that have great meaning for me and I work with them regularly. Along the way I discovered Sage Goddess. I appreciate Athena’s focus on quality and ethical sourcing and was delighted when she agreed to join me on the podcast.

We cover so much in this interview, including how to choose the right crystal for you, Athena’s recommended stones for specific situations, simple rituals to connect to the cycles of the moon and creating altars and sacred space.

I’ve listed the stones she mentions below, but be sure to listen for all the wisdom and fun details!

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Crystals for:
~ Easing anxiety or depression: Lepidolite (raw slab), Hypersthene
~ Finding or deepening love: Tangerine Quartz, Rose Quartz, Pink Aventurine
~ Attracting money or abundance, manifestation: Citrine, Yellow Fluorite, Epidote
~ Releasing sadness or grief: Apache Tear, Obsidian, Bronzite

Crystals for Full Moon Ritual: Moonstone, Selenite
Crystals for New Moon Ritual: Labradorite, Iolite, Hematite, Black Tourmaline

Other stones mentioned:
Chrysoprase, Rhodonite, Rhodocrosite  – heart healers
Green Aventurine, Angelite – good beginner stones, good for kids
Pink Opal, Ruby – also for love/passion

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