This week on the podcast: Clean & Sexy with Lisa Consiglio Ryan

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I haven’t spent much time talking about physical well being on the podcast but it’s hugely important in my own life and it’s definitely a key to magical living. It’s hard to feel good when you’re stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed and don’t have the energy to get off the couch.

I know from personal experience that what I put into my body greatly impacts the kind of energy I have and even whether my thoughts are positive or negative. (Did you know too much sugar can put you in a downward thought spiral?)

Lisa Consiglio Ryan invited me to be a guest expert during her last detox program and I loved the kindness and common sense that infused the experience, as well as the delicious recipes and sweet, supportive community.

Her new book, Go Clean, Sexy You comes out next week and is packed with great (easy!) recipes and tips on how to live clean and feel great.

We talk about detoxing, de-stressing, juices vs smoothies and why the occasional doughnut is good for the soul.

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P.S. In another episode of Alana’s Guide to Magical Living at the top of the show, I talk with one of my favorite food people, Arnel McAtee of Arnel’s Originals. Her gluten-free bread mix made going gluten-free bearable for me five years ago and now all of her mixes are favorites in my kitchen. 

P.P.S. One thing I love about both of these women is how life handed each of them health challenges that transformed into a passion and eventually turned into a successful business. Magical indeed!


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  1. I had an amazing time on your show! Thanks so much for chatting with me about Go Clean, Sexy You and tapping into your body’s wisdom and living your truth. Big love! xo

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