This moment I wonder

What do I want to do? (with my whole heart)

What’s dying to be born through me? (so much already has, and I’m feeling this question powerfully in my heart center)

How can I feel more playful in my day?

Will I ever feel organized?

Will I ever feel like I make the best use of my time and/or do things efficiently? If yes, what one step can I take toward that feeling? If not, how can I trust myself (love myself?) more in my perceived inefficiency?

How do I make more time for writing, yoga, and quality time with my husband? What needs to change for that to happen? What is my intuition urging me to say “no” to?

What is this fear trying to tell me in this moment? Is it my fear or did I learn/absorb it from someone else?

Who needs my love right now? (I’m finding the answer to this is often, “me”)

And you? What questions are dancing in your head and heart these days?

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6 Responses to This moment I wonder

  1. Roos says:

    Thank you for posting this!

    How can I be kinder to myself?
    How can I let myself not be troubled by others so much, and forgive them for their not understanding and forgive myself for still being bugged by their behaviour?
    How will I be able to choose more ‘me’ without feeling guilty? (because, oh, finding time for yoga is indeed a weekly struggle…)

    sending love!

  2. Stereo says:

    For me?

    How can I hold onto the happiness I currently feel?
    How can I reach the point where I truly don’t care what strangers think of me?

    Simple but apt for me right now, I think.

  3. Lindsey says:

    How can I surrender to this season of life without constantly worrying that I will lose myself in what feels like the endless demands of others? How can I trust that the tide of my internal life will pull me through, that now that I hear the voice of my spirit I won’t lose it again?

  4. Siany says:

    The universe works in funny lovely ways! I haven’t long found your blog & I confess, I don’t usually sign up for them, but I really liked the energy on yours, so signed up. A moment ago your post popped up in the corner of my screen & I had to smile because last night at some ungodly hour I had an urge to switch the light on, get up, scrabble for a scrap of paper ~ and from somewhere came this little poem (and I don’t ‘do’ poems usually ~ I haven’t written any since was a teen ~ a looooong time ago!). Anyway, I saw your post & thought maybe I’d be brave enough to post this up ~ so here goes, in case it resonates with anyone (I do apologise in advance if I’m breaking post etiquette with the length)…

    I forgive myself for…

    Platitudes & excuses galore
    when my spirit is broken
    & my soul’s on the floor.
    For squeezing myself
    into someone else’s shoes
    bowing to needs
    paying too many dues.
    Hiding my magical self
    & my magical life
    for the sake of becoming
    ‘an exceptionally good wife’
    For bowing my head in shame & feeling undeserving
    instead of standing, resolutely.
    For telling lies & belittling & sticking my oar in
    shocking & scaremongering
    scraping by, instead of soaring.
    For playing small in case I tread on your toes
    as if I need your permission before I can blow my own nose
    For abusing myself so violently.
    Ever unceasing.
    For hiding the parts of my life
    that keep me awake at night
    I forgive myself
    for all of things
    and more.
    And slowly
    very slowly
    my soul begins to breathe again, once more…

    With love to all of you, Siany

  5. pamela says:

    Such great questions!! For myself, my own intuition is telling me to set a little more order in our house. In the goal of being free and loving, I have let discipline go lately and now I am paying the price! I am feeling the call to take care of myself by creating more order in my home.

  6. jojo says:

    simplicity. ease. how can i live with more simplicity and ease. i tell myself what if i only do 5 dishes. and then, i will go from there. how often my feeling of being overwhelmed is in my thoughts and not truly in the task. also what tasks in my daily life can be simplified or removed altogether? how can i live more creatively without it being a “checklist” item.

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