The Alphabet of Now

S is for...

I’m changing things up today and instead of a mantra, I’m sharing my “alphabet of now” inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Lindsey Mead of A Design So Vast. You can read her version of it here.

This is a fun exercise and I invite you to join me. If you blog and choose to play along, please leave the link in the comments or tag me in the post so I can find it. If you post it to Facebook, feel free to tag me there too.

A is for Ada. She truly is the light of my life. It’s been so much fun watching her grow and 7 is a delightful age. She asks thoughtful questions, demonstrates emotional intelligence beyond her years, is goofy and smart and kind. I am blessed to be her mama.

B is for beach. Living steps from the beach was my dream as a little girl. Now, being able to head outside and work from the sand dunes or sit and watch the waves is a gift I do not take for granted.

C is for crystals. I’ve always been drawn to working with stones but lately I’m a little obsessed. I’m learning more about their different properties and trying to restrain myself from shopping for them constantly.

D is for dancing. I’ve been adding dance breaks back into my day and they help SO MUCH. I’m also hoping to get back into a Nia class soon.

E is for education. I’m on two committees at Ada’s school and either her dad or I work in her classroom four hours a week. I had lots of thoughts about education before having a child and this is giving me a chance to get even clearer on what I think works and what doesn’t.

F is for fun. I’m exploring what fun means to me and making sure I get enough of it in my life.

G is for Girl Scout Cookies. It’s our first year selling – something I hated as a kid when I was a Girl Guide in Canada. I do believe it teaches the girls wonderful skills and people love them. I struggle with some of the ingredients, though the Girl Scouts are being more conscious of this and changes are being made. Ada is having a great time and is figuring out what she has to do to meet her goal (another G word I have lots of feelings about).

H is for hormones. I’ve been working with an acupuncturist to balance mine. What a journey.

I is for investing. Investing in myself, my marriage, my child, our future. Investing time, money, effort, and love.

J is for joy. Every year since Ben died I’ve felt like there’s a little more room for joy in my life. I continue to actively invite it in and watch it grow.

K is for Kundalini yoga. I’ve been taking classes for over 4 years and I’ve finally managed to begin a regular home practice. This style of yoga isn’t for everyone but it has been healing medicine for me. I found it shortly after Benjamin was stillborn and cried through my first year of classes. I like to call it interval training for body and soul, and it has the most beautiful music. I’m heading to Sat Nam Fest West again this year and this feels me with excitement and fear (those 31 minute meditations are no joke).

L is for Love. Walking through the world as Love is my ultimate goal. I think it’s a huge and worthy one. I figure it will take me a lifetime to reach it.

M is for medium. When I learned to energetically clear spaces I also learned to help ghosts (stuck souls) cross over. This came as a shock to me because I didn’t believe ghosts existed. It took a number of encounters for me to realize that this is now part of my work. Life is strange and amazing.

N is for No. It’s never been easy for me to say no. I’ve discovered this is part of the reason I struggle with keeping my priorities at the top of my to-do list. I’m not very good at it yet but I’m practicing.

O is for ocean. Being near her feeds my soul. I don’t know that I could ever happily live land-locked again.

P is for playfulness. Playfulness can be hard for me. I’m not sure exactly how or when or why I lost my playful self. I know how much my family loves to see me feeling light and having fun so I’m actively tapping in to it as much as I can. Sometimes it’s easy to be playful. Some days it’s a million miles away. I’m learning it’s often a choice I can make in the moment – Do I want to be the heavy-handed, serious one or can I find my way to a sense of fun? Baby steps, sleep and forgiveness help a lot.

Q is for quiet. I need a lot of this, internally and externally. There is often too. much. noise. in my world. Lighting a candle, taking a breath and turning it all off for a while is a gift I’m learning to give myself.

S is for spine. I’m finally addressing imbalances that have been haunting me for years. Being a dancer gave me a high pain tolerance and I ignored my physical discomfort for too long. Thankfully I’ve found an incredible chiropractor who specializes in a specific technique that makes minor adjustments (based on these really cool scans of what my nerves are doing) and then lets my body realign itself. (S is also for sunsets and spirit guides and smoothies and so much more…)

T is for Tranformation. A constant in my life and one of my favorite topics.

U is for underneath. As I walk deeper into the world of working with energy and Spirit, the world that lies underneath our visible reality, my eyes and mind and heart are being blown wide open. It’s magical.

V is for vision. I’ve had glasses for 5 years but I rarely wear them. Lately I’ve noticed my vision is a little blurry when I’m reading the iPad or have been at the computer too long. I guess it’s time to find a new eye doctor and have them checked, but I’m still resisting this particular sign that I’m not in my twenties anymore.

X is for X-ray. When I started with the new chiropractor, he had me take a series of very specific x-rays. It was mind blowing to see what was actually happening in my body and validated the discomfort I was feeling. I don’t have them done very often but when necessary, the information they provide is amazing. Looking closely at my skull and spine and hips was really cool.

Y is for Yes! I’m focusing on saying yes only to the things that really excite me, to the things I want to do or have or be instead of letting expectations and should’s pull me off course. I’m slowly getting better at it. Slowly.

Z is for zzzzzzz’s. I have been steadily working on getting more sleep over the last two years, after 7 years of insomnia and pushing too hard. I feel so much better and it’s painfully obvious when I don’t get enough. This former night owl is finally learning how to go to bed before 10 o’clock.

I can’t wait to read yours.

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5 Responses to The Alphabet of Now

  1. Lindsey says:

    So much of this resonates – ocean, quiet, underneath, sleep … yes. xox

  2. What a great idea! I’m going to work on a list to remind myself of all the good stuff in my life.

  3. Mary Ellington says:

    When I read Lindsey’s alphabet of now I was intrigued. Now that I read yours, I’m one step closer to writing my own. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Alexis says:

    What a beautiful exercise! I can’t wait to do mine and even have my kids do it too. Thanks for sharing yourself.

  5. Mary Ellington says:

    Alana, is there a trick to this exercise? I’ve been wracking my brain and I can’t get past a few easy letters.

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