Replay – Unconditional Self-Love with Blake Bauer

Is unconditional self-love possible? What does it really mean? And why does loving ourselves unconditionally matter?

My guest this week is Blake Bauer, who believes that unconditional self-love is the path to peace, freedom, and living the life of your dreams. Blake is an internationally-recognized speaker, counselor, and alternative medicine practitioner. He is the best-selling author of the book, You Were Not Born to Suffer. Through private sessions, retreats, and energy healing workshops, Blake helps people all around the world find freedom in all areas of life. When I first met Blake, I was struck by his warm, grounded energy and his clear and loving perspective; I hope that comes through to each of you today.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Unconditional self-love: What is it?
  • Speak and act based on your truth
  • Be true to YOURSELF
  • The power of a deep breath
  • Be aware of your body
  • “I feel, I need, I want”
  • What makes us feel alive, well, and happy
  • Why we need to be able to be alone with ourselves
  • Acknowledge and accept your pain
  • Have someone to talk to in an objective space
  • Purging through writing
  • Fear and anxiety: where the emotional pain comes from
  • “The Golden Thread”
  • Settling for crumbs of love and attention
  • Healthy selfishness vs. unhealthy selfishness
  • Selfish reasons why we have children
  • Volatile and abusive environments
  • Why most people don’t trust themselves
  • Reasonable time frames for turning things around
  • How to begin with baby steps
  • Mindfulness-based practices can help
  • Getting “unstuck” in blood, energy, and emotion
  • Tools to use to NOT be a victim of your thoughts
  • The key to forgiving yourself


You Were Not Born to Suffer by Blake Bauer

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