Plants and Herbs to Heal and Restore Your Skin with Adam Klaus and Phoebe Stewart

Have you given much thought to the skin care products you use and where they come from? How about the items in your medicine cabinet? Are they safe? Are they healthy and nourishing? Awareness is rising about the toxic chemicals in many products that we use regularly in and on our bodies. Herbal products are becoming more popular, but how can you know if they’re safe and effective? 

My guests today are Adam Klaus and Phoebe Stewart, herbal alchemists and founders of Some Love Herbs. Though each of them came to understand the healing benefits of plants in different ways, they’ve combined their passion for organic gardening, herbal medicine, and eastern holistic health into creating products that are safe and effective for the whole family. They love teaching others about restoring balance using the healing properties of plants and herbs. Are you ready to learn more? Join us!


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