Mantra Monday: Thank you


Thank you are the words bubbling up in me this week, keeping time with the beat of my heart.

Thank you for this little girl, this teacher, this bright light, this love like I’ve never known, this daughter who chose me to be her mother.

Thank you for this husband who believes in me, supports me, cares for me and loves me as only he can.

Thank you for the tears that spring to my eyes, surprising me as I watch my husband walk with a little boy who has no father.

Thank you for our son’s brief appearance in our lives and the way his invisible presence continues to fill us with grace.

Thank you for the fog of confusion that sometimes surrounds me, allowing me to recognize the bright warmth of clarity.

Thank you for this breath, this body, this mug of hot tea on a cool, gray day.

Thank you for the strong hands that massage the ache from my back, for the yoga practice that keeps me both grounded and light.

Thank you for teachers, mentors and friends who keep me inspired and make my heart sing with their brilliance.

Thank you for the ache that reminds me I am human: tender and vulnerable and imperfect.

Thank you for the technology that keeps me connected and thank you for the reminders to shut it down and walk away.

Thank you for this full heart, for this incredible journey through the magic and the messiness.

Thank you for the privilege of this life.


What are you saying thank you for this week? And if thank you feels a million miles away, wave to it in the distance, knowing it will eventually return, then listen to the beat of your own heart.

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One Response to Mantra Monday: Thank you

  1. Roos says:

    Thank you for your love and your friendship.
    You are far away yet so, so close!

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