Mantra Monday: Let it be easy

Let it be easy

I was on the phone last week with my amazing mastermind group, expressing frustration that it was taking me so long to get website copy written for my new offerings. Writing “sales copy” makes me want to pull my hair out. I have lots of stories about why. And my experience of hiring a copywriter was slightly traumatizing and honestly, a disaster.

One of the women in the group said simply, “What if it were easy?”

Right. Of course. What are the chances something will be easy when I’m constantly telling myself it’s going to be painful and awful and hard?

I witnessed this with my daughter at breakfast today, as she prepped to take her antibiotics. One swift swallow and she’d be on to breakfast. Instead she stared at it on the spoon, psyching herself out about how terrible it was. She had a glass of water in one hand and some dry cereal to dull the taste. She finally got the single teaspoon down in three swallows. It was torture to watch.

We do this all the time as humans, telling ourselves stories that make life harder and more distasteful than it needs to be.

As you go about your week, every time you encounter a task or a conversation that you think will be painfully difficult, take a breath and ask yourself, What if this was easy? Do your best to see the possibility of it and to allow the stories in your head to shift, even just a touch.

It might take some practice and you might be resistant (sometimes we feel validated by the story of hard – it makes us feel brave and special or it gives us a justification for playing small) but stay with it. Keep asking the question and see what happens.

You never know. Life just might get a little bit easier.

P.S. This was the second year I attended Sat Nam Fest in Joshua Tree, a Kundalini yoga and music festival. Every year, I get nervous about how physically hard it will be and how much my muscles will shake and whether I’ll be able to do what’s asked of me. And both years there have come times when I’ve had to give up on a pose or take a break from the intensity of a particular exercise.

But there have also been times when I’ve surprised myself with my strength and my ability to push through the discomfort. And part of that is knowing that the reward of doing the work is bigger than the pain in the moment. So there’s that too. Sometimes things just aren’t easy. But we persevere because we know that what’s on the other side is so good.

And sometimes it’s both – easier than we anticipated and worth every moment of discomfort. The stories we tell ourselves in the midst of it will affect the outcome. Watch those stories this week, with compassion and acceptance and maybe even love, and notice if there any you are ready to release.


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