Mantra Monday: I am here to rise

I am here to rise - Annika Martins

I met Annika Martins briefly at WDS (the World Domination Summit) this summer and was struck by her classical beauty and warm smile. We have several mutual friends and as often happens these days, we became Facebook friends. Whenever her words pop up in my feed, I find myself smiling and nodding, appreciating both her point of view and the way she weaves words together.

Last week I read this post on her blog, about the discomfort that accompanies the growth process, as we become the people we are here to be.

She offered the above words as a prayer and I share them with you for those days when you feel the old stories, habits and patterns weighing you down, trying to keep you scared and small.

I am…
You are…
We are here to rise.

Thank you Annika, for reminding us of this truth.


P.S. Please go read her original post and while you’re there, you might want to jump on the mailing list for Sacred, an event Annika is planning for next summer in Southern California that she describes as “one part spiritual conference + one part sacred dance party.” LOVE!

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