Steve has a lovely childhood friend that I’ve met a couple of times. She’s single, a teacher, with a huge heart, and she wanted to be a mom. After caring for her father  as he died, she began the process of becoming a foster parent. When asked what kind of child she wanted, she answered that when she closed her eyes, she saw a 7 year old girl. As the story goes, the case worker cried and told her she had a little girl for her to meet. Fast forward to the present and that little girl is a teenager. Steve’s friend adopted her, and then her younger brother. They are a beautiful family. The kids did not have easy childhoods and I know there have been challenges, but when I was recently reminded of this story, I cried.

There is a part of my soul that believes this is the direction we are to go. Not yet. And perhaps not ever. But when I close my eyes and picture my house five or ten years down the road, it is filled with the voices of children – children who have found a home.

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  1. Stereo says:

    Wonderful and selfless, Alana.

  2. Christa says:

    Wonderful. I am so happy for you, and awed by the extent to which you are able to take your time with all of this. No grasping, no fevered rush to sort it out, just letting it unwind and sort itself out in the fullness of time. Absolutely awe filled by your strength, Alana.

    Love to you…

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