Healing Your Soul Through EFT with Gary Craig

Are you familiar with EFT or “tapping”? Chances are, if you know much about the world of personal development, then you’ve heard something about Emotional Freedom Technique. Introduced to the world in the 1990’s, EFT has positively impacted millions of people with astonishing results. Most of us have dealt with phobias, childhood traumas, anxieties and fears, PTSD, or other emotional issues. All of these can be greatly improved—and even permanently healed– using EFT. Are you curious about how it works? The difference EFT can make in your life is nothing short of amazing.

While you can find many versions of “tapping” on the internet, and many teachers who claim different benefits, we wanted to go straight to the source: Emotional Freedom Technique originator and founder, Gary Craig. His website has tutorials, techniques, and other helpful information—all free! Check out our resources below for more information. 

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The two types of EFT Gary developed are Gold Standard and Optimal.
  • Gold Standard EFT is the “emotional version of acupuncture without needles.”
  • The healing process can be reduced to hours and minutes instead of weeks, months, and years!
  • Gary talks about working with veterans to heal their PTSD.
  • Gary’s website includes two free tutorials to teach you everything you need to start working with EFT.
  • “Easy EFT” occurs when you “tap” along with someone else—also called “borrowing benefits.”
  • Buyer beware in the world of EFT! Be sure to check out a teacher or practitioner thoroughly before working with them.
  • Gary explains how he developed EFT and discusses a deeply spiritual experience that changed his perspective on life.
  • In Optimal EFT, spiritual methods are added to tapping for deeper results.
  • Optimal EFT has the goal of removing the blocks to love’s presence and helping us to “climb our spiritual ladder.”
  • Gary explains “The Unseen Therapist” and “The Guardian at the Gate.”
  • Optimal EFT has two steps and it brings faster results, more efficiency, and greater love, joy, and peace.
  • In this episode’s segment of Alana’s Guide to Magical Living, we meet Maree Gecks, the founder and designer of Marzipants, which are beautiful, Bohemian-style trousers. They are a comfortable, form-flattering pant, styled after the loose, wrap pants of the Thai fishermen. They are ethically and sustainably made in luxurious organic cotton. Check our Resources section for more information!






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