He lives in you

We celebrated Mama Earth today with a local charter school. They have an Earth Day fundraiser every year and it’s a fun event. I hooped in public, which was huge because I’m not very good (and being a former professional dancer, I like to be very good at body-related things). I was amazed at how many familiar faces we saw, considering our short time here and the fact that I was a shut in for much of last year. The sun was warm, the breeze cool and the ocean waves pounded not far away.

A friend of ours is in kindergarten at the school and was singing on the event stage. As we sat in the grass, Ada in Steve’s lap for a change, this large, incredibly organized and well-behaved group of kindergarten through fourth grade students took the stage. They sang their hearts out, sounded fantastic and were adorable as they performed three songs from The Lion King. As they began He Lives In You, waves of goosebumps washed over and through me. Halfway through I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Byron Katie’s voice rang in my head. Sadness is a temper-tantrum. When you are crying, check to see if they are tears of sadness or tears of love. After a moment, my heart answered. Tears of love.

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  1. holly says:

    I am so glad you all were there. Music can really move. <3

  2. Wow..
    the wonders of music and the magic spell of words and sound that transform us.
    Thank you
    this was a wonderful share…
    I need to find this music to listen to again, it’s been to long…

  3. ps.
    How goes your 1000 day practice? I found myself staring in the mirror this morning and saying ” I love you, but I have no idea why” today …

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