Happy New Year!

I love the turn of the year because it feels like cracking the cover on the latest book in my favorite series. I don’t think of it as a fresh start because I haven’t changed overnight – nor do I want to – but there is a sense of anticipation I enjoy. A sense of wonder at where life will take me next.

Because I also use the Chinese system of astrology called the 9 Star Ki, where the new elemental year begins in early February, I feel like I have this month of grace. A month where, after the fullness of the holidays, I can turn inward and take stock of where I’ve been, where I am now and where I’d like to go; of how I’d like to feel; of what I’d like to focus my attention on.

This is a beautiful time to pause, to listen, to pay attention to what’s calling me forward and notice what’s ready to be released. It’s a moment to remember my priorities and see where I’ve drifted off course.

By all means dream big dreams, set goals or intentions, make resolutions if that makes you happy. But if that doesn’t rock your boat, take a minute or two every day to listen to the beat of your heart and the call of your soul. Follow those little whispers and nudges. Figure out where your priorities lie and point yourself in that direction. Then do the next right thing and the next and the next.

This new year will ask big things of all of us. It will ask us to navigate joy, challenge, grief, frustration, anger, sorrow, change, fear and love. It will ask us to stand up, to speak out, to learn, to grow, to reach out, to forgive, to be strong.

2017 is going to ask a lot of you. I’m here to tell you, you got this.

xoxo Alana

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