For Patti Digh and John Ptak

Cancer. The “C” word. Big. Scary. Everywhere.

It has affected my family. Chances are it has affected yours.

A few weeks ago, on my Facebook feed, I saw Patti Digh post about her husband John and my heart stopped for a second. I do not know Patti personally. I asked her to be part of a project that fell apart when Ben died so we’ve exchanged a few emails. I recommend her book, Life is a Verb, in my guide and tele-retreat. Patti knows grief and her work has been deeply informed by it. Her father died when she was a teenager (here’s her new way of honoring him – in perfect Patti style). Her stepfather’s 37 days between diagnosis and death inspired Life is a Verb. She recently sat by the bedside of a beloved friend during her final days. Her new book on grief and loss went to the publisher the Friday before her husband’s diagnosis.

Patti is a fiercely devoted wife and mama, a writer, an artist and a social justice activist. She stands up, powerfully, for what she believes in. She changes lives with her work.

To quote Patti’s words:

While I believe that writing is my calling, it is not as secure a life choice as working in a job with benefits. And recently, that has meant not paying our $1400/month insurance premium–like so, so many other Americans. It is a broken, broken system. So John is uninsured for this journey.

An indiegogo campaign has been set up to help pay for John’s medical expenses and I’m offering 7 donation-based 1-hour individual coaching calls to help raise funds. You don’t need to be grieving a death to have grief in your life. If you’re in any kind of pain, we can make miracles together.

Here’s the deal:

*   Email me at to let me know you want one of the spots.

*   Go to John’s indiegogo page or Patti’s Project 137 page and make a donation. Give what you can and what your heart tells you to.

*   Email me the confirmation of your donation. At that point I’ll send you the link to schedule your call with me.

Et voila. Simple. Profound. Life-changing.



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One Response to For Patti Digh and John Ptak

  1. Roos says:

    This story gave me the chills. Kenji too. It could have been us. And in a way it’s us.
    Thank you for doing this dear Alana.

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