Five Wishes

I’ve always believed that happiness is more than a feeling – it’s a feeling about all  your feelings. It’s a subtle, pleasant sensation that comes from being open to your emotions, open to the present moment, open to life. – Gay Hendricks

I had some much needed time to myself today. After a Kundalini yoga class and lunch at my new favorite restaurant, I meandered home via downtown, then the beach, stopping to read Gay HendricksFive Wishes in the sand dunes at the end of our soon-to-be new lane. It is a quick easy read. Sitting in the sun, listening to the waves, watching sailboats glide past and families enjoy the gorgeous weather, I moved through his process and made my five wishes.

I look forward to refining them and as they are in line with my deepest desires, living by them. I recommend the book in all its deceptive simplicity. Take what works for you, pass it on to a friend. You just never know when something will change a life forever. Like a dead baby. Or the perfect conversation. Or the right questions.

Every step of the journey, is the journey. – Zen saying

Namaste. Sat Nam. Amen.

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