Another new year

photo(70)This time last year I was struggling. My head and heart were doing battle and my inner landscape was littered with the carcasses of discarded ideas, abandoned dreams and bloodied hopes.

My intuition kept telling me to turn inward, to get quiet, to give myself time and space to rest and regroup after the rough road of the previous three years. My head, steeped in our western culture of constantly doing, was shouting, “Launch projects! Make money! Figure it out soldier!”

A half hour on the phone with a woman named Limitless Megan changed my life.

She told me about my elemental make up and the year I was moving into. I cried as everything she said validated my intuitive knowing.

I’ve spent the last year studying with her and learning this system known as the 9 Star Ki. It has given me insight into my own nature and that of everyone else in my life. Arguably the most powerful piece for me is knowing what elemental year I’m moving into this month. The energetic tide change begins in the fall but tomorrow is officially the new year. Having a month of buffer time between January 1st and February 4th has allowed me to see the new year (and myself) with kinder, gentler eyes.

I’m coming out of a year of rest, renewal and dreaming into a year of building foundations and strong connections. Knowing this (and feeling it in my bones) is keeping me grounded when my mind wants to run wild with should’s and must’s and have to’s.

I’m going to be integrating the 9 Star Ki into a new offering that will be beta-testing in the next few months. If you’re curious about what’s coming, make sure you’re on my newsletter list – they’re always the first to know.

With a deep bow to where ever you find yourself today, I wish you a happy elemental new year. May you meet yourself and this new year with kindness.

P.S. Registration for Shine is now open! Join me February 21-March 20: Embrace where you are. Become who you want to be.

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