The next Picking Up the Pieces Tele-Retreat is open for registration. It will run Tuesdays from September 11 through October 9th. I’ve also created a “Do-It-Yourself” version for those who prefer to do things on their own schedule. All the details are here, including feedback from the phenomenal first group of participants. Please share this grief-altering opportunity with anyone you know who is struggling right now.


Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Gandhi

For years this has been one of my mantras, one of the truths I aim to live by.  It’s a quote that borders on overuse – apparently I’m not the only one who likes it. It speaks to finding our inner strength in a world that can make us feel fearful, disheartened and powerless. It was spoken by a man who embodied that change, and still died at the hands of another. It’s an inspiring thought that each of us has the power to change the world in some way.  I went back to school to get an advanced degree in psychology to be the change I wanted to see in relationships. It’s the reason I decided to specialize in community psychology. It’s why I wanted to have a home birth, why I taught parenting workshops, and why I write, speak and teach about grief as a path to miracles, love and growth.

Change is bumpy, uncomfortable and requires patience and devotion. It’s exhilarating and painful. The last few years have involved a new city, two new homes, Ben’s stillbirth, a new focus, a new reality. As I’ve moved through and out of acute grief, I’ve found myself needing more time away from my online world, more opportunities to look people in the eye. I’ve spent time in meditation, I’ve journaled and attended workshops, played and laughed and celebrated. I’ve made new friends and I’ve invested more deeply in my physical community. But this is my online home and I knew I would return whole-heartedly when the time was right.

Clarity always comes if we give it time to emerge.

When I started Life After Benjamin, I intended to write for a year. It took on a life of its own and left me feeling confused about where it was supposed to go. I wanted a more expansive space to call my web home – the ability to write about more than grief – without losing the essence of what was already here. Simply, quietly, has become Over the next weeks, all the content from the first 18 months will be tagged LifeAfterBenjamin so it’s easily searchable. It’s the foundation and I’m building new walls.

Change will be slow here – I’m doing it in fits and starts as I’m able.  I’m excited about what’s to come. I hope you’ll stay tuned and share your thoughts. It’s time to grow.



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2 Responses to Announcing…

  1. I love you, you beautiful woman. Everything you have done has led you to this, hasn’t it? The changes you’ve lived over the past few years – oh my goodness – and you’ve lived them with grace and authenticity. And now here you grow again, initiating a change to expand the focus on your blog. Of course, it’s time. And your Picking Up the Pieces offering is so very much needed by so very many people. I can’t imagine anybody I’d rather have holding my hand on the path of altering grief. I love the way you say that. You don’t deny the grief, but you allow it space and opportunity to transform, to become alchemy. I’m going to change my subscription from LifeAfterBenjamin to AlanaSheeren right now, so I don’t miss a thing. Love you, Sugar.

  2. pamela says:

    I cried when I read this, knowing that you are now under your own name. You are so courageous and beautiful and such a healer. I LOVE that you are expanding your teleretreat too. I am going to check it out now:)

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