A visit

I’ve been feeling my own absence lately. This space that used to be for daily expression has taken a back seat to bigger projects. But my heart is here and there are many stories I have yet to tell. In the meantime…

I am thrilled to say you can find me today over at Kristin Noelle’s gorgeous blog, Trust Tending, answering a question about depression. My friend Pamela wrote about this special place on the web beautifully.  Kristin’s blog “is the best class you have ever taken, the biggest exhale you’ve breathed out, and an entirely new perspective on your own familiar life.”

Browse through Kristin’s archives and you’ll find yourself chuckling, nodding your head in recognition, breathing more deeply and getting lost in her wonderful sketches. It has quickly become one of my favorite places to spend a few stolen moments on the web. Give yourself the gift of trying one of her rituals, join the conversation or visit her shop. It’s all food for the soul.

Sending you love…

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3 Responses to A visit

  1. Christine says:

    I loved what you wrote at Kristin’s, it resonated so deeply with me, and I am so grateful for the words, as I still navigate my way toward healthy, as I still learn how it is to live with depression and to not let it define me. Thank you!! I’ll be exploring around here some more.

  2. Alana, thank you so much for your kind words here, and for your wonderful wisdom about depression today. I will return often to them.

  3. melissa dechandt says:

    what a beautiful post; I have shared it with several of my girlfriends…..

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