Returning Clients

You’ve experienced the power of energy clearing and you’re ready to shed the next layer of stuckness that’s holding you back.

Here is your list of a la carte energy clearing options.

Personal Clearing

The same kind of energy clearing you received in the Fresh Start, this clearing touches any and all aspects of your life where you’re ready and willing to release what’s stuck.

If you’re not exactly sure what needs to shift but are feeling like it’s time for an energetic boost, or if there are numerous areas in your life where you feel held back, this is what you want.

Cost: $80
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Personal Clearing with a Specific Focus

Here’s where we get into the nitty gritty of a specific issue. Money. Health. Food. Love. Writing your book. Finding the perfect new home.

For deep, long-standing patterns I recommend a series of three clearings, each a month apart. It’s like peeling an onion. Each clearing removes a layer, then we give things time to surface and shake loose until you’re ready for the next layer to come off.

Single Focused Issue Clearing: $80
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Series of Three Focused Issue Clearings: $210
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Clearing for a Situation

Your divorce settlement is being finalized.

It’s time for a family vacation and you’re feeling anxious about navigating the dynamics.

You’re miserable in your job but the process of finding a new one is daunting.

I’ve helped clients shift the dynamics in long-standing unhealthy relationships, get their houses sold quickly for the asking price, move the energy around a big project and so much more. Sometimes the results are immediate and jaw-dropping, sometimes they’re more subtle and take longer to be seen.

Whatever the situation, a clearing will pave the way for what’s in everyone’s best interests.

Cost: $60
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Clearing for a Relationship

You and a co-worker keep butting heads and the amount of stress it adds to your work day is crazy-making.

Your partner’s ex is wreaking havoc in your otherwise happy life.

You and your teenager are just. not. getting. along.

A relationship clearing will bring things to the surface to be dealt with and released. Sometimes this means immediate relief and sometimes the changes come in layers and over time. Like all energy clearing it depends what both parties are ready to let go of and how deeply ingrained the problematic patterns are.

If necessary and appropriate, I will also clear the energetic cord that ties you together. This doesn’t cut the cord. Rather it “right-sizes” it, so that it carries the appropriate amount of energy back and forth between you.

Relationship and cord clearings can also be done when one person in the relationship is no longer alive.

Cost: $60
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Clearing Your Karma

This is the clearing you want if you know you’re repeating an unhealthy pattern in your life and you’re actively working on changing it.

Maybe you keep dating people who cheat on you. Or every time you build up your savings, an emergency comes along and you’re back to financial square one.

If the lesson is a karmic one, you’ll need to master it in order to move on. A clearing won’t take the lesson away (there is no magic bullet) but it will help you figure it out more quickly and with less struggle.

Cost: $80
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Clearing for Your Ancestral Line

Some of my clients know they’re living under the weight of a struggle that’s been handed down through generations in their family.

It could be a history of being emotionally unstable, a story about money or worthiness, or an unhealthy relationship dynamic.

If you recognize a pattern in your life but it doesn’t feel like it’s really yours, or you’ve done enough personal work to know it comes from your parents (and their parents before them), this is the clearing for you.

Cost: $80
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Not sure which clearing is right for you? Email me at and we’ll figure it out together. 

Add a 30 Minute Call

Are you someone who likes to talk things through? Would you like another deep dive into what’s showing up for you along with extra support for your heart and mind? Add a 30 minute intuitive coaching call to any clearing for $100.
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All clearings include a recording of any intuitive feedback I receive and follow up support via email, as necessary.

Important Reminder: Energy clearing always works on behalf of your highest good and in service of all involved. If you’re looking for a very specific, concrete outcome on a tight timeline this is probably not the best path for you.


I recently had a relationship and situation clearing with Alana. Immediately, even before I knew she did the clearing, I started seeing and feeling a profound change….The best way to describe it, is to say that a relationship that was hard and heavy has become lighter and easier.  I am not sure exactly what Alana does when clearing, but I know lori portkathat it absolutely works.
~ Lori Portka, 



Through Alana’s clearing of the energy around my manuscript I found myself feeling a totally new relationship to the project. Where it used to be a place of procrastination and fear, I now felt like I had the space to befriend it. I wanted to spend time with it, to spill exciting ideas into it and I felt like I had a complete energy shift around it thanks to Alana.
Vivienne thumb
~ Vivienne McMaster of Be Your Own Beloved