I know you know this, but you are completely legit. Things that have been stagnant for years are moving and shaking and going forward. THANK YOU (times infinity).
IMG_2316~ Rebecca Vine, singer & songwriter




I want to thank you so much for the work you did with me last summer. I have felt my father’s presence so much over the last few months.  I understand now that he did not just up and abandon my family.  I have been very much under his protection.  I know for certain that I would not be able to see this without having moved some of the grief into a different position with you.  I can not tell you what this has done to my outlook.  I have access to a peace that has eluded me all this time. It is hard to explain, but I wanted to be sure to tell you that you made such a difference in my life.  It took some time to see it fall in to place, but….there it is.lisa
~ Lisa Duncan




My first clearing was around my struggles with my toxic family. It was amazing! For about 3 weeks I felt the lightest and easiest I’ve ever felt in my whole life. And even after the initial glow wore off a bit, lots of things were still just simpler, less work, less painful, etc. It doesn’t take problems away, but for me it has made it easier to work through them.

I’ve since had several other clearings around various sticking points in my life. They haven’t been quite as dramatic as the first, but they’ve definitely helped me find my center, gain clarity around my own needs and values in tough situations, and provided relief from the turmoil.

Jenn I highly recommend it!
~ Jenn Cole, Jenn Cole Design




As someone who does energy healing work, I wasn’t sure it was necessary to get my home cleared by someone else.  However, intuitively my home was still feeling “off” no matter how much sage I burned or mantras I chanted.  My son began waking in the middle of the night, scared and afraid to be alone in his room or anywhere in the house. This went on for at least a month and so I decided to call Alana for a space clearing for our home.

Within less than a week my son began sleeping through the night and has been for over a month since the clearing.  Also, my husband and I who had been having intimacy and communication challenges began to see a positive difference in our relationship immediately after the clearing.

Alana shared with us that the energy was very stuck in our home and she cleared ghosts from my son’s room and our room.   Overall, our home feels lighter and brighter and all of our relationships within the family have improved.  I strongly recommend a space clearing for anyone wanting to take the energy of their home to a higher place and I am so very grateful to Alana for the work that she does.amy-bio
~ Sat Nishan Kaur, Kundalini yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Musician & Singer SatNishanKaur.com



Alana, when you did your energy clearing for me, I didn’t notice anything at the moment you did it, but shortly afterward (and I think shortly beforehand – is that even possible?!) I noticed a deep sense of ease in my life. I had been struggling to make some changes in my life that week, and the clearing changed the struggle into flow. The insights you received during the clearing were spot-on and gave me new insight into unraveling years-long patterns. I’m writing this a month later and the effects are still with me – I’m not exaggerating when I say that this was life-changing for me, Alana. Life-changing. You have a true gift. Please, please, please share it with the world.
Pace Smith photo~ Pace Smith of PaceSmith.com




I recently had a relationship and situation clearing with Alana.  Immediately, even before I knew she did the clearing, I started seeing and feeling a profound change.  I felt more confident and less confused.  The relationship that was tricky, complicated and painful has eased up. The stress and problems within the situation have been replaced with openness and much less interaction overall.   The best way to describe it, is to say that a relationship that was hard and heavy has become lighter and easier.  I am not sure exactly what Alana does when clearing, but I know that it absolutely works.  I will definitely continue to have more clearings with Alana, including a space clearing, as needed.
~ Lori Portka,  LoriPortka.comlorithumb1




My experience with Alana’s clearing was so powerful.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d never had a clearing before and was so moved by what she shared in her feedback about what she noticed in the clearing.  It was so resonant and by the end of listening to the recording of her feedback I was overcome with a wave of emotional release and was brought to tears.  Everything she mentioned in the clearing resonated so deeply with me and from that day on I felt the effects of the clearing in more ways than I expected.

Through Alana’s clearing of the energy around my manuscript I found myself feeling a totally new relationship to the project. Where it used to be a place of procrastination and fear, I now felt like I had the space to befriend it. I wanted to spend time with it, to spill exciting ideas into it and I felt like I had a complete energy shift around it thanks to Alana.
Vivienne thumb
~ Vivienne McMaster of Be Your Own Beloved




In the world of energy work, I often find myself simultaneously interested and open … and also skeptical of claims that feel too confident or too sure of how it all works. My experience of Alana’s home clearing left me feeling only interested and open. She has an amazing way of standing with confidence in her skills and her trade while approaching her work, and me, as her client, with humility and respect. I felt so comfortable asking her questions and loved the clarity of her communication in the recorded feedback afterward. Everything about my experience said, “Alana can be deeply trusted.”
~ Kristin Noelle of TrustTendingsidebarheadshot03




There were areas in my home that were uncomfortable. I avoided them. I found myself not even looking in that direction as I walked by. Falling asleep has always been troublesome. It could take me hours to and I would toss and turn in bed all night, keeping my husband awake. There were times that I felt like I was being watched and was afraid to get out of bed. My daughter started having night terrors. This concerned me the most and is what prompted me to finally call Alana.

The energy clearing experience was amazing. Right from the start she was able to answer questions that I had in my mind for years and never found the answers. My home immediately felt different. It was lighter and brighter, like we could see better, breathe better. It felt warm and it felt like my home again. 

We are all sleeping better! Yay! No more restless nights of sleep. We wake up feeling rejuvenated. The communication in the household has changed. Our thoughts are clear and we are more at peace. We can handle conversations and situations more confidently. 

My husband received an unexpected promotion at work after the clearing, and my creativity has blossomed once again. I’m finally getting my artwork back out to the public. Life is good again. There is love, light and peace in our home and within us. 

Alana is a gifted healer and so inspiring! She makes the whole experience so comfortable. Thank you, Alana!
~ Trisha J.


Alana meets each person with a warm smile and an open heart. She spoke on stage at my TEDxWomen event. Her speaking topic: Grief. Not a light endeavor. Yet, she won the audience over immediately with her gentle manner and intimate style. Her own comfort in her vulnerability built immediate rapport with the audience. She is masterful in guiding people through the journey of finding themselves.
~ Jodi Womack, Get Momentum


For Picking Up the Pieces…

I wanted you to know that I read Picking Up the Pieces this weekend and I wept – it is so beautiful.  Gorgeous writing, and I love the way you have structured it, with concrete suggestions.  Your contributors are all lovely too.  I hope it doesn’t trivialize your own sorrow to say that I feel like so much of it resonated even though I haven’t been recently through an episode of sharp grief.  It made me think, in fact, about how universal grief is, in varying intensities and volumes, of course.  Thank you so much for sharing your work.
~ Lindsey Mead, A Design So Vast

It is written with such skill in capturing bald honesty …….. no pretense of preachy-knowingness as we get with so many good intentioned, self-help works.  The joy (as Rumi put it) and personal freedom from this grieving process was artfully painted-with-words page after page.  I only read 5 or 6 pages when I had enough.  It was as if I was savoring a rich, indescribably delectable dish that you save for later because you can’t handle anymore of a good thing, and you want to make it last as long as you can.    ~ Tim H.

Your Picking Up the Pieces book is so magical and gorgeous. It brings me peace and comfort and helps me connect to my own broken heart – that place where I am
most me.
~ Pamela Hunt, Walking On My Hands