You’re Not Too Much with Leela Sinha, M. Div.

A gentle reminder, just in case you need it too: We are living in turbulent times. We are inundated by information. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, triggered, and even traumatized (or re-traumatized) by news stories, sound bytes, videos and the conversations that swirl around them. Self-care is an essential practice at all times and even more so when life feels challenging.  Self-care means different things to each of us and can be practiced alone or in community. Find what works for you and fit it in where you can. Please, take good and gentle care of your precious self – you’re the only you the world has. 


My guest for today’s show is writer, coach, and minister,  Leela Sinha. She is the author of You’re Not Too Much: Intensive Lives in an Expansive World, a book that introduces a new framework for understanding who we are and how we show up in our lives. If you’ve ever been told you’re too intense, too emotional or too much, or if you’ve ever loved someone who you’ve thought those same things about, this conversation is for you. 

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Intensive/Expansive framework – it’s a continuum
  • An Intensive: someone who is INTENSE 
  • An Expansive: someone who likes things ordered and logical
  • How each category responds to deadlines and procrastination
  • How to know your essential nature
  • The impact of being an intensive
  • Why visionaries and CEO’s are usually intensives
  • The general population: 30% intensive and 70% expansive
  • De-centering the dominant culture
  • The importance of expansive: keeping the fires burning
  • Intensive organizations vs. expansive organizations
  • The 80% problem
  • Ways intensives stop themselves
  • Navigating the workplace as an intensive
  • Using Leela’s book as a communication tool
  • Intensives and expansives in relationship
  • Tips for intensives on navigating love
  • Big feelings can go to an extreme
  • Building the right community
  • The British expansive cultural lens


You’re Not Too Much by Leela Sinha


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