Transformation Talk with Molly Greist

Welcome to Transformation Talk. Every Thursday for a year, starting in September 2012, I’ll post an interview with someone who is a force for good in the world. These men and women have either deepened their passion or found their calling after experiencing a loss, trauma or diagnosis.

I want to broaden the conversation around grief and its transformative power. My hope is that in their words you’ll find echoes of your story. In their inspired actions, you’ll see yourself and your immense possibility.

*Special Request: The technology of Skype is amazing and imperfect. Please listen with your heart and forgive the occasional blips (or barks) on the screen.

Today’s interview is with stone sculptor Molly Greist. Her work with stone began when digging up a massive stone in her yard felt like what she had to do after the sudden death of her 10 month old son in 1989. Today she talks eloquently about how working with stone taught her about life and death, led her to gratitude and became a beautiful metaphor for living with grief.

Bio and link to download the audio version are below. Running time is 37 minutes. If you’re receiving this via email, click through the title to view the video.

Right-click or Control-click here to download the audio version.

Molly Greist began carving stone in 1989, after the loss of her 10-month-old son, Peter, in an automobile accident. Her son’s name, Peter, means rock, and this connection proved to be of powerful significance in Molly’s journeying through grief and loss. Inspired by the stone work and devout faith of stone sculptor, James W. Washington Jr., Molly was drawn to carving stone for strength and healing. She began trusting her process, feeling that there was a force greater than her self working with her. With hammer in one hand and chisel in the other, Molly began chipping her way out of the pain and darkness of grief.

Find her at

P.S. Here’s a photo from walking the labyrinth that Molly drew.


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  1. Thank you molly.. what a wonderful sharing…
    In all the years that i have had my labyrinths, I have never walked one with some one..
    That visual alone really struck me.
    I like thinking of a women on a bike carrying stones…
    wonderful as always Alana, you know some beautiful souls..

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