Transformation Talk with LeeAnn Mallorie

Welcome to Transformation Talk. Every Thursday for a year, starting in September 2012, I’ll post an interview with someone who is a force for good in the world. These men and women have either deepened their passion or found their calling after experiencing a loss, trauma or diagnosis.

I want to broaden the conversation around grief and its transformative power. My hope is that in their words you’ll find echoes of your story. In their inspired actions, you’ll see yourself and your immense possibility.

*Special Request: The technology of Skype is amazing and imperfect. Please listen with your heart and forgive the occasional blips on the screen.

Today’s interview is with LeeAnn Mallorie, voice & sound healer, Nia instructor, and embodiment expert. Her background as a high-level corporate coach and her passion for deep connection with the body make for a unique and powerful combination. Today she shares her path from drama queen to health & wellness revolutionary. Enjoy!

Running time is just under 19 minutes. Bio and link to download audio are below.

Right-click or Control-click here and Save Link As to download the audio only version.

LeeAnn Mallorie is a quiet revolutionary in the field of health and wellness. Her work bridges the body, mind and spirit: she teaches women how to consciously participate in their own healing process through conversation, music and dance. Her passion is to serve as a mirror, showing people who they really are, with her warm smile and personal practice of radical authenticity.

LeeAnn’s 8-week course, Guts’n Grace, features an in-depth curriculum of self-healing techniques for women recovering from serious illnesses like cancer. She also runs an online membership community, The Living in Motion Dojo, offering weekly wellness, self-care and embodiment practices for women who want to THRIVE. For more information about LeeAnn’s programs and blog, visit

You can also reach her at

On Feb 28 at [12:30]PT LeeAnn will be hosting a f*ree call: The Secret to Radical Wellness & Ordinary Cancer Prevention. Sign up on her website for the inside scoop.

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