Transformation Talk with Kiran, Mystic Girl in the City

Welcome to Transformation Talk. Every Thursday for a year, starting in September 2012, I’ll post an interview with someone who is a force for good in the world. These men and women have either deepened their passion or found their calling after experiencing a loss, trauma or diagnosis.

I want to broaden the conversation around grief and its transformative power. My hope is that in their words you’ll find echoes of your story. In their inspired actions, you’ll see yourself and your immense possibility.

*Special Request: The technology of Skype is amazing and imperfect. Please listen with your heart and forgive the occasional blips on the screen.

This week’s interview is with spiritual teacher and my long-time friend Kiran, Mystic Girl in the City. We went to theater school together twenty years ago and have been in and out of each other’s lives since. A decade ago, Kiran had a spontaneous awakening (like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and many other spiritual teachers). She shares candidly about the experience, and what life looks like now.

Bio and link to download the audio version are below. Running time is just over 40 minutes. If you’re receiving this via email, click through the title to view the video.

Right-click or Control-click and choose Save Link As to download audio version.

At the age of 33, Kiran had a massive, spontaneous awakening. Suddenly life became very different. Outside of the monastery or ashram or any “spiritual” practice, Kiran found that peace and freedom was available in every instant of our life. Kiran teaches and speaks from first hand experience and has a number of very modern, direct and practical approaches to living beyond enlightenment, living freedom now.

Find her at

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