Transformation Talk with Karen Caterson

Welcome to Transformation Talk. Every Thursday for a year, starting in September 2012, I’ll post an interview with someone who is a force for good in the world. These men and women have either deepened their passion or found their calling after experiencing a loss, trauma or diagnosis.

I want to broaden the conversation around grief and its transformative power. My hope is that in their words you’ll find echoes of your story. In their inspired actions, you’ll see yourself and your immense possibility.

*Special Request: The technology of Skype is amazing and imperfect. Please listen with your heart and forgive the occasional blips on the screen.

Today’s interview is with writer and square-peg Karen Caterson. I’d known Karen from the world of blogging and when Benjamin was stillborn, she shared with me the story of her son Christopher’s short life and death. This sent her on the path to being a psychotherapist, and eventually to the work she does now with “mindful non-conformists”.

Bio and link to download the audio version are below. Running time is 24 minutes. If you’re receiving this via email, click through the title to view the video.

Right-click or Control-click here to download the audio version.

In her own words:
Hi! I’m Karen Caterson, aka Square-Peg Karen. Are you a Square-Peg (i.e. mindful nonconformist)? Yes? Great! Let’s get acquainted – come visit me at Square-Peg People, where I encourage celebrating your uniqueness, building an X-treme self-care practice, and focusing on what’s right with you (not what’s wrong with you!).

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5 Responses to Transformation Talk with Karen Caterson

  1. Thanks so much for inviting me to do a Transformation Talk with you, Alana.

    I’m a leeetle distracted, as I watch this replay, by the faces (eyes & eyebrows – lol!) I’m making, but I love hearing the depth of your questions again – it was lovely to talk with you!

  2. illuminary says:

    this was a beautiful and uplifting talk. I love her “grace” answer!

  3. I just discovered this and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. You didn’t come off as distracted, Karen, you came off as REAL. I loved the honest and open emotions of your interview.

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