This week on the podcast: SuperConditions with Dyana Valentine


I remember meeting Dyana Valentine a decade ago when we were in graduate school. I was completely drawn in by her vibrant personality and by the way she could walk into a room and make everyone feel seen and heard. I was also intimidated by her smarts, her sense of humor and what seemed like her total confidence.

Thankfully we became friends. I’ve continued to be in awe of how she moves through, and engages with, the world. She shows up 100% for everything she does and her mission is truly to be of service.

Today Dyana and I are talking about SuperConditions(tm). Dyana believes we are all born with a specific and unique set of SuperConditions that, when met, allow us to function at our best.

We talk about some ways to uncover our SuperConditions, how understanding them can positively impact us and the new SuperConditions game, a fun way to put our SuperConditions to work in our lives.

At the top of the show I also talk with Theresa Roth, co-founder of SuperLoveTees, which happens to be one of my absolute favorite places to shop for inspired and inspiring clothing. Theresa and her superlove, Bradford, started the company with the mission of spreading love worldwide. It’s hard to get more magical than that!

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P.S. My heart is with all those affected by the tragic bombings in Paris this past week. If you feel like you want to DO something, here is a short, helpful list. In the meantime, I hope that we can all show up as the best parts of humanity in the face of such horror. Sending the whole world love…

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