This week on the podcast: Natasha Wozniak on Rebuilding a Village

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I’ve known Natasha Wozniak virtually for over 4 years. She is an incredible artist and a beautiful human being.

I invited her to be a part of my Transformation Talk series several years ago and learned about her strong connection to Nepal and how the tragedy of September 11 propelled her into making jewelry for a living.

When the earthquake hit Nepal in the spring of 2015, Natasha sent money to a young man involved in getting supplies to affected areas. She’d met him when he was four, twenty years earlier and hadn’t seen him since. When he texted her to say he’d been asked to rebuild an entire village, Natasha didn’t hesitate – she knew she was meant to be part of the project.

In this week’s show, Natasha shares the story of walking through the door the universe opened in that moment and where it’s taken her and all those involved. It’s a personal story and an inspiring one.

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