This week on the podcast: Magic, Ritual & Dreams with Bri Saussy

Oh goodness. The week got away from me. But I want to make sure you know what’s happening on the podcast because this show was so darned fun.

Create Your Magical Life

The word “magic” means different things to different people and I wanted to spend some time talking with a practitioner of magic, or as Bri calls herself, a Sacred Artist.

I’m not talking about the sleight of hand magic that illusionists perform (though that’s impressive in it’s own right). This show is about folk magic – the magic that stems from our ancestors in various different traditions. In just an hour it’s tough to cover such a huge topic, but Bri brings a grounded wisdom to the conversation that I love. Her way of making magic in the world feels empowering and, well, sacred.

We talk about kind vs. harsh magic, ritual and ceremony. Bri also shares her brilliant way of interpreting dreams.

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