This week on the podcast: Heather Plett on holding space & circling

Earlier this year Heather Plett’s post on holding space went viral. It was the coolest thing to see it popping up all over my Facebook feed, from people who I was sure didn’t know her or each other.

The attention this post received was well deserved.

A term that is often used in the circles I live in, its meaning is not always clear but the skill set is hugely valuable to all of us: being able to sit and listen without trying to fix; supporting those who need us without becoming over involved and judgmental about their decisions; setting our own wounds and egos to the side to be present for our loved ones in their challenges and their celebrations.

None of those are easy to do. But it’s so worth trying (and possibly failing and trying again and practicing and succeeding and then failing only to try again and again and again).

Heather and I talk about holding space, the magic of mandala journaling, creating community through circling and so much more.

I hope you’ll join us for this deep, wise and loving conversation.

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May you find exactly what you need this week.

with love,

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