The Simplest Way to Boost Wellness, with Nancy Hopps

Did you know that by going into a state of deep relaxation you can boost immune function, lower your blood pressure, allow your body to heal from illness or surgery more quickly and so much more? The problem for most people is being able to access that state of deep relaxation with the busyness of every day life.

Nancy Hopps is an internationally recognized author, speaker, performer and sound healer. Her award-winning Relax Into Healing™  series of spoken-word audio recordings have profoundly benefited thousands of listeners worldwide, in home, hospital and other healing settings. In this show she talks about her experience with the healing benefits of deep relaxation and sound, both as a professional healer and as a cancer survivor.

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Also in this show, Veronique Henry of Mirabelle Jewellery shares how her love of nature and travel inspired her to launch her own line of ethical jewelry made with love and soul.  Learn more and shop at

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