The Power of the Written Word on The Inky Path with Jena Schwartz and Cigdem Kobu

We all know the power of the spoken word, but have you given much thought to the power of the written word? For some, the urge to write is as natural as breathing, while others would rather do ANYTHING else. If you’ve ever tried to write, then you know emotions that range from pure, pulling-your-hair-out frustration to unparalleled satisfaction and joy. If you’re a reader, then you know the magical emotions evoked by written words as you’ve connected with an author or carefully crafted characters that can become as dear as family.

My two guests today are founders of The Inky Path, a writing and creativity community. It’s a supportive and cozy online space where writers–and those deeply in love with writing–can gather to develop and deepen their writing practice and connect with other creative souls. Jena Schwartz is a poet, writer, and writing group facilitator. Her cohort is Cigdem Kobu, a writer, awarded literary translator, digital publisher, and teacher. Let’s discover more about the wonderful world of writing with these two!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Creativity has its challenges, such as being overwhelmed by too many ideas and the “paralysis of perfection.”
  • Another BIG challenge is realizing that creativity can be woven into every part of your day.
  • Cigdem has learned to give herself permission to make mistakes.
  • Jena promotes creativity in her “real life” by writing poems on her phone at scattered moments throughout her busy day as a mother.
  • Another obstacle to writing is vulnerability. Our writers explain how to handle this fear.
  • Writing, even if it’s private journal-writing, is a way of learning about and “locating” yourself.
  • Many have a fear of writing because there is resistance to the stillness that it brings.
  • How do I START writing?
    • Cigdem suggests using a notebook and pen and “letting it flow.”
    • Jena suggests setting a timer, choosing a point of entry, and writing without editing.
  • Telling our stories maps our lives and gives witness and words to our lives.
  • Telling our stories affirms our humanity and has healing potential in our world.
  • Jena explains that writing is a solitary act that can connect people with compassion, community, safety, and support.
  • Cigdem is a self-described “introvert who craves community,” but finds enrichment and fulfillment in her writing community.
  • Also in this episode, as part of Alana’s Guide to Magical Living, we meet Bethany Tran, the CEO and Chief Designer at The Root Collective. They are a Certified B Corporation offering handmade shoes that change lives in poor villages in Guatemala. Find their website in our Resources section below!

Resources: (Find writing prompts, classes, writers’ community, courses,  an upcoming online magazine, and MORE!) (Find the free e-book, Your Ethical Journey: Seven Steps to Changing Lives with your Purchases.)


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