The Magical, Soul-Elevating Benefits Kundalini Yoga

Welcome! My guest today is Sat Nishan Kaur, a singer, musician, Reiki master, dear friend, and my Kundalini yoga teacher. In this show, I share some personal thoughts on legacy and how Nia, Reiki, and Kundalini yoga became a big part of my life and my spirituality. Then Sat Nishan and I discuss this unusual form of yoga and its magical, soul-elevating benefits.  Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Kundalini energy: What is it?
  • How Kundalini yoga differs from other types of yoga
  • How and why Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini yoga from India to the west 
  • Kundalini yoga has ties to the Sikh religion, but is practiced by people of all faiths
  • What Kundalini defines as the “god” within us
  • Kundalini’s origin and why it took so long to reach the western world
  • How it gained popularity as “a way to get high without drugs!”
  • Elements of the Kundalini class, including kriya, mantra, breathing, movements, relaxation, music, and meditations.
  • Kundalini yoga as a path to quick transformation
  • To sweat or not to sweat?
  • How the nervous and glandular systems are balanced in Kundalini yoga
  • Why we wear white clothes and head coverings
  • How music is integrated with chanting mantras



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