Thank you 2012

Sunset Pismo Beach, CA Dec 30, 2012

Sunset Pismo Beach, CA Dec 30, 2012

Thank you 2012, for your lessons on money, love, trust, healing, fear, friendship, community, energy, belief and worth. You helped me grow into myself.

Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate something, every single day. You changed me.

Thank you for the questions and visions that you leave me with, now. I hold them in outstretched hands, with hope, curiosity and an open heart, wondering where they will lead.

Thank you to the brave and beautiful souls who’ve joined me in my writing and my work this year. I am deeply grateful for you.

There is change on the horizon. It seems that every time I find my feet, I’m called to dance to a different drummer. Every time the beat changes, I am more true to myself.

With a full heart, I step softly into the new year, whispering, Welcome. Please be gentle with us.


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3 Responses to Thank you 2012

  1. Roos says:

    Oh, do I remember the sunset on the beach. What a gift you have given me when you urged me to take a walk along the ocean on my own. It changed my life, you know that?

    You are one amazing woman, and you’ve filled my heart with love for sure.
    Sending you my heart!

  2. Holly says:

    Was a joy to follow your celebrations all year. <3

  3. illuminary says:

    yes, please, pretty please with sugar on top, be gentle with me…

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