Super Moon

Tonight’s moon/Flickr/CClicense/LivingOS

I used to know it was a full moon by how crazy my customers were when I was a bartender. Now I know it’s a full moon because my body buzzes from the energy, I can’t sleep, and everything in life seems to intensify. It’s been a strange couple of days – a funky roller coaster ride that has taken me to amazing heights and bizarre depths. We got some news today that could have been a direct hit to the solar plexus and all I could do was laugh, shrug my shoulders and say, We’ll figure it out.

I went to a special Kundalini class in honor of the full moon and vernal equinox. I came home flying high and was disappointed to find that Ada was already asleep. I asked Steve how she did with me not being home since I’d told her I would be. This was his answer.

Picture Ada, lying in bed, falling asleep but eyes still open.

Daddy: What are you thinking about?

Ada: Mama’s heart.

Daddy: What about Mama’s heart?

Ada: Inside.

Daddy: What about the inside?

Ada: How much love there is.

And she closed her eyes.

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6 Responses to Super Moon

  1. Marie says:

    Beautiful! There is so much love in your heart AND she knows, how beautiful!

  2. Christa says:

    So that’s why I am wide awake. In all the beauty of this moon, I forgot about the energy factor.

    And what a girl Ada is. So much wisdom in that small being.

    Lucky us, to have this view into your heart.


  3. Stereo says:

    That sure is a beautiful moon. And your little girl sure does know you well. She got it completely right.

  4. Lindsey says:

    Wow … how right she is. They see us as we cannot see ourselves. xox

  5. Erin Ellwood says:

    That is truly beautiful… gave me chills.
    Hang on to these words when the light gets dim 🙂

  6. danette says:

    so beautiful to be seen as you are. xo

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