As a kid, I remember summer stretching out ahead of me. Long days of playing outside, dancing in warm rain, riding bikes through the neighborhood, watching fireflies light up the evening air and playing badminton in my grandparents backyard. The September long weekend was impossibly far away as I read book after book, ate homemade popsicles and invented new games with my friends.

As the mother of a newly-graduated kindergartner, summer feels unfathomably short. She starts school again mid-August and I chafe against this unfortunate side effect of living in California. We’re tumbling toward a sixth birthday and first grade at lightning speed. I want to dig my heels in and slow the spinning down.

My to-do list is short this summer. It’s been tattooing itself on my heart these last weeks:  slow down and savor this time. I want to rest, read, write, laugh, play, dance, make space both internally and externally. I want to enjoy my child, my husband, my friends. I want to sink deeply into peace and the trust that there is no rush. It’s all perfect just as it is. Right now.

This is the pace I want to enjoy this summer:

What’s on your summer list?

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