well-loved rock courtesy of gifted intuitive reader Danette Spizzirri

well-loved rock courtesy of my amazing friend and gifted intuitive, Danette Spizzirri

The center point.
A space inside so quiet, so peaceful, so pure
It takes my breath away.

I’ve been craving it, knowing that I need the internal space stillness provides. To find that inner space, I have to create external space – in my day, my home, my overfull calendar. I’m up for the challenge.

It’s a powerful pull, this call toward stillness.

It’s a call toward wholeness, toward living from a place that feels filled up, pregnant with possibility and open to magic.

Stillness means not only sitting at the center of the hurricane, but slowing the whole thing down. Even if it’s only for seconds at a time.

It’s a place and a practice. A moment and a desire. And when I’m there, it feels like Home.

What is your relationship to stillness? Deeply needed? Terrifying? Are you best friends? I’d love to know.


P.S. It’s last call for Shine! We start tomorrow. Come explore your inner terrain, fill yourself up and remember who you are when the stories begin to drop. Find space for Presence, Joy, Hope, Grace, and yes, Stillness. Bite-sized practices even you can fit into your day. Open your eyes to your own beauty. (I can see it from here.)

Join us.

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  1. Stillness…something I desperately crave and am trying to find a way to. It is harder to get there than you would think. If you find the secret to it, please pass it on. 🙂

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