Replay: Body Glitter & a Trailblazing Attitude: Grace Quantock on living well with chronic illness

How do you feel about change? If you’re like most people, you’re excited and ready for desired changes and completely resistant to everything else. Sometimes even the change we think we want can challenge us immensely when we’re in the midst of it. (Think moving, or starting a new job.)

Change happens—and it often means letting go of some things, experiencing wild inner growth, and taking in more magic as you stay open to possibility. But what if the change you’re in the midst of is unwelcome, difficult, and leaves you scared or sick or just plain miserable? It’s hard to find the magic in THAT kind of change. But we’ve all been caught in unwanted change and that’s what today’s guest is here to talk about. How do you find magic when you’re ill or in pain or suffering?

Grace Quantock is a coach, speaker, author, and consultant from Wales who became ill in her teens. Instead of giving up on life, Grace believed that her dreams were worth pursuing and she found ways to keep moving forward – to keep finding magic in her life – no matter what. She is an award-winning entrepreneur with a global business and a successful non-profit. She helps others go “from sick chick to trailblazer” with humor, compassion, and lots of body glitter. Join us!

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What it means to be a “trailblazer”
  • Grace’s journey through autoimmune illness
  • Surviving and living well
  • Why Grace creates “healing boxes”
  • Why body glitter? (Why not?)
  • Rising from the ashes of grief
  • This is ME and it’s NOT my fault
  • Beware of judgments
  • Toolkit for the newly diagnosed (on Grace’s website)
  • Stages of healing
  • Awareness is a process
  • How to answer the question, “So, what’s WRONG with you?”
  • How to handle probing questions from others
  • Redefining exercise
  • Find what WORKS for you
  • Micro-volunteering: What is it?
  • How illness affects relationships
  • How Grace and her husband, Linus, make their relationship work
  • How to make your doctor’s appointment NOT be the focus of your day

Resources:  (Find LOTS of free resources!)

The Trailblazers Café on Facebook

Sex and Disability by Robert McRuer and Anna Mollow

The Selfish Pig’s Guide to Caring by Hugh Marriott

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