Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Next Friday October 15th is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

I’d never heard of it before, which seems another indication that while the reality of this impossible situation is acknowledged, we are to grieve as quietly, as privately as possible. I’m feeling a little angry today that there is so much silence when it comes to pregnancy loss. I understand that point of view. I’d like to change it. I’d like the grief of baby loss to be acceptable outside the baby lost community.

Even if you’ve never lost a child yourself, if anything about the baby loss experience touches your heart, I invite you to participate in celebrating the too-brief lives of those who have died. Next Friday light a candle, say a prayer, write a baby’s name in chalk on a sidewalk, in the sand at the beach, with pebbles at the park.  You can even take a picture and send it to the parents. Knowing our children are remembered by others is one of the greatest gifts a grieving parent can receive.

For more information about the day, please click here.

May your life never be touched by such grief and may  your heart forever be opened by knowing it exists for others.

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  1. Cheri Masek says:

    We will be participating on this day to honor your son, Ben and all the others that have passed before and will be lost in the future. Our love and prayers go out to all of you.
    Cheri & Doug

  2. Jessica says:

    We, of course, are participating in this day for our two angels and all the other angels of my BLM friends. Tomorrow we are doing a walk in remembrance of Riley & Peyton too. I also had no idea what Oct. 15th was before this year – it was named Pregnancy and Infant loss day since 2002 and Oct. was declared Pregnancy and Infant Loss month since 1988! That’s crazy and I’m sure SO few people know… (((hugs)))

  3. Melissa says:

    Hi Alana, I just found your blog and read this post. It’s so true, and isn’t it even more galling when you look around and see pink plastered everywhere for Breast Cancer Awareness month? I don’t want to minimize the pain and suffering of breast cancer, but I wish that Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness got even a fraction of the coverage and commercial promotion that breast cancer does. I had a miscarriage, which was a lot earlier than your loss, but I still know the pain of losing a baby. I’ve actually tried to redirect my grief into the company I started, Angel Bracelets ( Included with every memorial bracelet we sell is a $2 donation to a pregnancy and infant loss organization. I feel like in some small way I’m honoring my baby this way, and helping other women who’ve gone through this horrible loss at the same time.

  4. Cindy Maynard says:

    I saw your post about Pregnancy and Infant Loss on the VC AP mailing.

    I lost our precious daughter Amelia July 12th 2009.

    There are no words for our grief. If you ever need a shoulder, please feel free to contact me.




  5. Reija Eden says:

    Pregnancy loss is so hard to go through and you are right, people don’t really talk about it. It’s not something that is talked about or shared with others that much. We lost our baby girl at 17 weeks of pregnancy and that changed us forever. We are grateful for our other children but the memory of our girl will always be with us. My heart goes out to everyone who has experienced a pregnancy loss. Hugs!

  6. Andi Kish says:

    Dear Alana:

    Just wanted you to know that I am holding Benjamin in my heart, especially today.

    Thanks for spreading the news about this Day–I agree that the grief accompanying pregnancy and infant loss should be better supported by our communities and culture.

    Thinking of you,

    Andi Kish

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