Podcast catch-up: The Elements, Dolphins, Spirits & Tarot

January has been a bumpy ride over here (more on that later). Right now I want to catch you up on what’s been happening over at the podcast, just in case you’ve missed this months’ shows.

January 11th show

The elemental new year shifts this week on February 4th. In this conversation with teacher, oracle, five elementalist and Chinese Face Reader Megan Potter, we talk about the impact the elements have on our year both personally and publicly. You’ll learn how to figure out which year you’re moving into and how best to work with its energy. Listen to this one ASAP if you haven’t already.

Listen here

January 18th show

Author and healer Belinda Farrell and I had a delightful conversation about ancient hawaiian healing methods, forgiveness, swimming with dolphins, releasing grief and her book, Find Your Friggin’ Joy. If you’re curious about Huna healing, Reconnective healing, Ho’oponopono or want to hear amazing stories about dolphin intelligence, this is the show for you.

Listen here.

January 25th show

If you’ve ever felt like you received a sign from a dead loved one but you weren’t reeaaallly sure if you were making it up, this show will have you in full body goosebumps (or happy tears). Intuitive advisor Liv Lane has seen angels and spirits since she was a little girl. She shares stories of messages sent from the other side and talks about specific ways spirits attempt to reach us. Co-author of the new book Infinite Purpose: Care Instructions for Your True Calling, she also talks about the way Spirit took the reins and how it is impacting magic-makers everywhere.

Listen here.

February 1st show

I’ll be honest and say for a long time I didn’t want anything to do with tarot cards. They felt dark and heavy and a bit scary to me. But I also know how valuable they can be as a tool for clarity in the hands of a talented reader. This week’s conversation with Theresa Reed, a.k.a. The Tarot Lady, answers all your (okay, MY) tarot questions and then some. We talk a little about astrology too. It’s a fun one. If you’re new-ish to tarot, this is for you. If you’re a seasoned reader, check out Theresa’s website, where she has a ton of offerings to help you go pro (or just get better at whatever you do!)

Listen here.

Sending you love and wishing you ease this week,

P.S. Create Your Magical Life listener numbers now place it in the top 9% of podcasts, according to statistics provided by Libsyn, the world’s largest podcast hosting company. To quote my friend Liz Lamoreux, “Holy Cats!” HUGE thanks to all of you who’ve been listening and sharing the show with your friends. I’m humbled and awed. 

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