Oracle Sunday: You are a treasure

From The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

From The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck by Colette Baron-Reid

This card is here to remind you that YOU are the treasure and that ultimately you are safe and divinely protected. 

The question to ask yourself is: Am I trusting too easily or have I built an impenetrable fortress out of fear?

If neither of those feels true and you know, deep in your bones, that all is well (no matter what happens) then your treasure is being well protected. Move forward confidently with the grace that this knowledge provides.

If you find yourself trusting others too quickly and repeatedly being hurt, then this card wants you to know it is time to take your power back. Don’t trade your soul for an illusion of safety.

If there is an unequal power dynamic in a number of your relationships, it would be wise to examine that. Start by privately and quietly tuning into what really matters to you. When you feel ready, take a baby step toward the relationships you want – those with integrity and equal give and take.

If this feels overwhelming to do on your own, find a trusted mentor, hire a life coach or therapist, or seek out the resources that speak to you. (This might be one).

If you’ve isolated yourself out of fear of being hurt, your treasure is being overprotected and needs room to breathe. Like a frustrated child whose parent won’t let her do anything for herself, your inner light needs air and the spark of connection to shine.

Practice sharing little bits of yourself with others – small stories from your life, an ache, a dream. Listen to your inner voice and let it guide you out of your comfort zone. Start small and let yourself see just how safe you are. It might feel risky but you have a courageous heart. Let it speak.

Remember always that you are a treasure to be cherished and valued. Allow only those who see that into your life.

Card copyrights belong to their respective authors, artists, and publishers, and are used for example purposes. I encourage you to purchase the deck(s) that speak to you and get to know them on your own.


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