Oracle Sunday: The Knower of Secrets

From the Medicine Cards deck by Jamie Sams & David Carson

From the Medicine Cards deck by Jamie Sams & David Carson

This was my very first card deck and holds a special place in my heart. There is power in animal medicine, whether you find it in a card deck or in the natural world.

When the dolphins appear in front of me on the beach, I know it’s a message to breathe, go within and find joy. A heron on my walk reminds me of stillness and focus. A squirrel staring me down has me wondering what I need to gather, or whether I’m hoarding something that I need to let go.

Today Lynx has appeared (not an animal most of us see often in our daily lives). Lynx is the knower of secrets and its message is two-fold.

Lynx asks you to listen to the wisdom under the words, to what you know to be true.

Are you keeping secrets from yourself? Have you forgotten who you really are under the weight of the world’s expectations? It’s time to tune in and listen with your heart.

Listen to others this way too. Are their words telling you one thing but their actions another? Do you have a nagging feeling that someone isn’t being completely honest with you? Perhaps your heart is telling you that you really can trust, even though your mind is wary and comes up with reasons to be afraid.

Lynx also wants you to pay attention to the secrets you keep – or don’t.

Are you holding your cards too close to your chest or are you sharing everything that crosses your mind? This card is a reminder that you don’t want to talk too much, especially if someone else has given you a secret to keep. Be worthy of another’s trust.

There is often a fine line to walk between sharing more than feels comfortable and being so secretive it builds a wall that makes connection harder. Lynx is here to remind you to walk it, with as much cat-like grace as you can muster.

If you’d like to work with Lynx medicine this week here are some suggestions:

~ Practice listening more than you speak when in conversation. When you are listening, let your mind be quiet and breathe into your heart. Stop preparing what you’re going to say next. Let there be silence if necessary while you think. And if you end up saying next to nothing, notice how it makes you feel. Let it be information about what matters to you in your relationships.

~ Find a quiet time and place to meditate. Take some deep breaths and call on the energy of Lynx. Ask it if there’s anything Lynx needs to say to you and listen as you breathe. You might see an image, hear words in your mind, have a memory float to the surface or nothing might happen at all. Just notice, without judgment. Be aware of any messages that come after your meditation too. Lynx may speak to you through the lyrics of a song, the pages of a book or the person you talk to in line at the grocery store.

~ Grab your journal or some paper and take a few moments to center yourself. Write down a question that was prompted by the Lynx messages above and then let yourself write the answer, allowing your hand to move across the page without pausing until the message feels done. You can continue to ask and answer questions or stop there.

Whatever you do, use your discernment and stay open to your own wisdom guiding you in the perfect direction for you.

Card copyrights belong to their respective authors, artists, and publishers, and are used for example purposes. I encourage you to purchase the deck(s) that speak to you and get to know them on your own.


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P.P.S. Mantra Monday has moved to Wednesday, even though it doesn’t have the same snazzy ring to it. See you then!

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