Oracle Sunday: Demeter’s Blessings

From the Goddess Knowledge Cards by Susan Eleanor Boulet Trust & Michael Babcock

From the Goddess Knowledge Cards by Susan Eleanor Boulet Trust & Michael Babcock

Demeter is the Greek Goddess of the the earth, of harvest, fertility and the cycles of life and death. Her grief over her daughter Persephone’s forced time in the underworld is responsible for seasons of lack and her joy at Persephone’s return heralds the new life and abundance of spring.

In this card, Demeter’s grief is about to end and the fullness of her body means a time of abundance, joy and hope is beginning.

Grief and hope walked hand in hand here in the United States this past week and other countries around the world. The aftershocks of the Charleston shootings. The Supreme Court ruling to expand the definition of marriage.  The apology to First Nations peoples in Canada. The terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait. It’s a messy time to be alive, terrifying, joyful and everything in between.

This card is here to remind us to hold on to hope, to believe that grace and goodness can walk hand in hand with grief, to stay open to possibility.

As you navigate your life this week and watch events playing out on the world stage, remember this message. Be brave enough to believe in tomorrow, to take action on your most heartfelt beliefs, and to speak your truth, with as much empathy and compassion as you can muster.

Card copyrights belong to their respective authors, artists, and publishers, and are used for example purposes. I encourage you to purchase the deck(s) that speak to you and get to know them on your own.
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