One more step

When are you due?

Oh. No. I was pregnant but our son died when I was five and a half months along.

Oh. I’m so sorry. You know, my daughter had a very similar experience…

It took seven weeks and three days for someone to ask the question. She asked if I’d be able to have another. We talked about our options and that her daughter was about to adopt when she got pregnant again and all was well.  I loved that she didn’t shy away from it, didn’t change how she spoke with us. She was able to convey warmth and understanding while implying, this is life – we never know what we’ll be handed.

So I thank you, grandmother with the beautiful Australian sheepdog, selling your house (hopefully) to a family from Santa Monica. Thank you for asking the question and for hearing the answer.

One more step in the journey of healing.

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  1. Angela says:

    Sharing your story with someone is a big step. I am glad she asked, and listened.

  2. Jessica says:

    That is a great step and thank goodness it was a step with someone so understanding. Thinking of you Alana! You are one strong woman! <3

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