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Alongside all the inner work, we’ve been consciously shifting the energy in our external space. We moved into a home that had previous tenants with bad energy, but it was essentially gutted and redone for us. I am grateful for the new counter tops, new appliances, new paint, flooring and carpet. I am grateful for the sound of the ocean and the sand and succulents in the lot next to us, letting the sun shine in.

The biggest stumbling block is my clutter habit. The first fight Steve and I ever had was about my stuff. I have been slowly letting go over the last years. Two moves have helped. When we moved from Los Angeles, I said goodbye to boxes I’d been carting around for 15 years. We purged again last fall and axed the storage unit and shed. I still hold on to more than I need, but I’ve learned to be both honest and compassionate with myself on this subject. We are taking our time organizing this new home with the ultimate goal of clean surfaces. I am a master piler. I could have an advanced degree in it. I can find pieces of paper long ago shoved into a stack as long as no one else touches it. Problem is, I hate piles. I hate clutter. Particularly since Ben’s death, I have no tolerance for it. I want to be able to breathe and clutter makes me hyperventilate. Healing inside has made me want to heal everything. I’ve begun to realize how intensely the energy of a room affects me.

Our bedroom was driving me crazy.

My sister-friend has a MA in Architecture and does wonders with interiors. She is usually my go-to person for design issues. She’s currently busy being mama to her two boys and cutting all packaging out of her family’s life (Seriously – I bow to her). When she starts blogging again I will introduce you because she’s smart, funny and incredibly committed to greening the world.

In the meantime, I read an article about Erin Ellwood, The Lone Arranger. It purported that she would come in and rearrange/redesign a room for $100.


Erin has an impressive history in production design in Los Angeles. The commercial that pops up when you go to that part of her site is for Kraft, featuring Michelle Kwan. This woman is serious. And she’ll come download her ideas and move your furniture around for $100. You can spend a lot more on her if you want your whole house redone, or more hand-holding, but she’ll sweep through two or three rooms in your home for that price per room. For a designer of her caliber, that’s ridiculously affordable.

I emailed. She responded. Yesterday was the day. I had sent her pictures of our bedroom, laughing openly about how awful it looked. Her reply? Yep – looks like you need some help. Funny lady.

By the time she left, we had a plan, the room felt better and I was inspired to keep working. She’s since sent me more ideas for furniture and textiles that I am drooling over. We are putting together a peaceful, healing space. She’d read some of the blog before she arrived, so I didn’t need to explain. Apparently she’s funny and smart. And I enjoyed her company. When we finish, I’ll post some before and after pics. It’s gonna look – and feel – gooooood.

In the meantime, if you’re in Los Angeles, Ventura or Santa Barbara counties and your home needs anything from a pick-me-up to a total makeover, give The Lone Arranger a call. It will be money well spent.

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  1. Stereo says:

    I don’t know but the thought of going into someone else’s space and being paid to clean it up a little; transform it into something a little more serene is my idea of a dream job. It just speaks to me. I’d love to see pictures if you wouldn’t mind showing them! ♥

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